Part 3: Products and advertising breif

Part 3 — Products and advertising brief

Here are the suggested products and the advertising brief for each one.

Product Design Brief for ‘Acne skin cream’

Cucumber creme Radosavljevic


Target audience
Young males between the ages of 13 and 16.
A print advertisement in a motorcycle magazine or an online film clip.

•To inform consumers about what is normal for this age group in relation to skin problems and whether this product will help overcome these problems.
•To provide factual information about the difference between minor skin problems and acne.
•To include facts about how many people experience skin problems.


Product Design Brief for ‘Running shoes’

Sport shoesçois Pilon


Target audience
Young women aged 12 to 14 years.
A fashion magazine for teenagers or an online pop-up ad.

•To encourage young women to exercise as part of healthy living.
•To include facts about the benefits of exercise to one’s appearance.


Product Design brief for ‘Cereal’

Healthy breakfast


Target audience
People who don’t eat cereal for breakfast.

A TV advertisement.


•To encourage consumers to eat cereal for good health.
•To provide facts about what is contained in non-healthy cereals compared to this product.