The media, my world and me.

What is SeeMe?

This site promotes positive body image and tackles the impact of young people’s internalisation of idealised media portrayals of beauty and gender stereotypes.  The site has been developed by the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust.

Get media savvy

My image. Your image. The media.  Advertising. Take it apart. Discuss, investigate, unpack. Then make and shape your own. Take control.

Gender Stereotypes=

Do males and females receive similar treatment in the media? Online? In your favourite magazine? What has changed over time? And what has stayed the same? More »

Body imageE

Do we all see beauty in the same way? Does it matter what culture and era we live in? Who constructs our ideas about beauty? More »

See Me/Invisible Mec

How would you subvert an advertising message? Test your skills in making an ad for runners, acne cream or cereal. More »

Healthy Lifestyle Choicesd

What kinds of health messages are we exposed to in the media? What can we believe? What kind of mixed messages exist in advertising? More »

Fashion and CosmeticsX

What do advertisers do to entice us to select their product in a global market with lots of choice? What influences you, your friends, your family? More »

PHOTOSHOCK- Ethics in advertisingY

What is real and what is fake? Take a peek inside Photoshock, an Adobe Flash interactive. More »