Part 2: Telling it like it is

Part 2 — Telling it like it is

This project is best done in pairs or small groups of three or four.

  • Develop an advertisement for the specified audience, purpose and context that will honestly promote the product to the consumer.
  • Brainstorm some key words and phrases, or slogans, for the product, as well as a name for the product.
  • Decide which advertising technique/s will best suit the product and type of advertisement you plan to create.
  • Decide which format your advertisement will take, such as a print advertisement for a magazine, a billboard, a web page, music video, animation, film. Will your advertisement be serious or humorous?
  • Make decisions about any other features you wish to incorporate into your advertisement, such as images, music, animation, voiceover and so on.
  • Allocate tasks to the members of the group to ensure that each person is sharing the work and that time is used efficiently.

Ensure that the question at the core of your work is: How are you going to sell this honestly?