Further actvities

Write a complaint to Australian Association of National Advertisers (ANNA) about an advertisement that you believe is unethical – this could be the advertisement you analysed for Activity 5.

Research how other countries manage ethical advertising. Do they have Codes of Conduct? Produce an information brochure about international codes, including Australia.

Investigate the issue of ‘real vs fake’ in the fashion advertising industry.  A few good starting points (use a search engine) are: Vogue magazine in May 2012; the Israeli government policy in March 2012; Rimmel mascara; and Swedish retailer H & M in December 2011.

Create a class social media page on the theme of ethical advertising and positive body image. You may like to use Edmodo. You could include a variety of features, including a Vox Pop, some comments and posts, images, links to resources you’ve used in this module, such as the Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image.