Gender stereotypes

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A brief analysis of a series of advertisements can be found on the White Privilege website.
Insights into advertising techniques can be found on The Gruen Transfer website.

Activity 7 Critique an advertisement

You are to critique an advertisement that you have used in this module. Using the questions listed below, and any others you can think of, you are to create a VoiceThread presentation analysing the advertisement. You will need to script your analysis before recording it.

  • What is the advertisement about?
  • How are men and women represented? (Think about the setting, kitchen, laundry, workplace, etc, the activities they are engaged in, the language that is used by, and about, men and women, etc.)
  • Who is represented and omitted?
  • How do you react to the advertisement?
  • What is the literal and implied message of the advertisement?
  • Who is it aimed at?