Part 1: Subverting the message

Part 1 — Subverting the message

Create a text that subverts the media message on any of the topics covered in modules 1 – 4: gender stereotypes, fashion and cosmetics, body image, healthy lifestyle choices.

  • The text can be in a format of your choice — film, animation, audio, print, web page, social network.
  • Work in small groups to develop an advertisement for a product described in Part 3 of this module. Alternatively, your teacher may allow you to select your own product.
  • Your advertisement must have a clear message that subverts the types of messages you’ve studied throughout these modules.
  • Select one or more of the advertising techniques you have seen used in these modules to use in your own advertisement.
  • Ensure that you select the language, images, music and any other effects purposefully, so that they carefully convey your message.
  • The audience, purpose and context for each of the products is provided.
  • Consider who is not visible in media advertising — individuals and groups. See if your advertisement can include any of these people.
  • Deliberately avoid gender stereotypes in order to show how these conventions do not have to be followed.

The final outcome of this project is to present your advertisement to an audience to be decided in consultation with your teacher (such as the year level, or your families).